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Your taxes, your voice and your choice. Which one to raise?

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Your taxes, your voice and your choice. Which one to raise?

For millions of Americans every year, doing their taxes is a horrendous nightmare. Each year, many tax filers end up facing serious issues with the IRS after being puzzled by the complicated tax code.

Unlike major billionaires and large corporations, most citizens can’t afford private accountants to do their finances in order to avoid violating tax laws. Many people file their taxes on their own instead of finding a tax service to file their taxes professionally. As a result, possibility for risk and complications within their tax return dramatically increases. Thanks to the complicated tax code and a high risk of return complication, many Americans living overseas have decided to renounce their citizenship along with many of their US assets.


While many feel they have no choice but to renounce their citizenship, others have instead discovered multiple ways to eliminate thousands, even millions of dollars every year through deductions and tax credits. Take someone like Warren Buffet who pays his secretary a substantial amount more than he pays in taxes as a percentage. There’s also the giant corporations like Apple who has kept over 100 million dollars in un-taxable income overseas last year. Such super rich organizations have been over-represented and given more tax breaks than small businesses and individuals who have been left with the burden of paying the vast majority of taxes within the United States.


In order to solve the U.S tax problems, numerous people have cried out for a simplification of the tax code, a flat tax and a reduction in tax credits and breaks. Yet most legislators have ignored their cries and continued to solely represent large corporations.


In fact, many Congressmen have allowed numerous bill to be literally written, often word for word by Wall Street lobbyists. Through this “fourth branch of government,” large corporations have legally corrupted our country and allowed the super-rich to be overrepresented. The middle class and poor are left without a fair voice.


The United States is becoming more polarized and unjust as time moves on. In fact, many parts of government have been allowed to be completely controlled by one faction or group of people. As a result, numerous Americans of other ethnic, cultural, gender, or generational backgrounds are left without necessary goods or services.


This kind of corruption has not always existed in our government’s system. In fact, most of the abuse and corruption has occurred and multiplied itself within the past few years. According to U.S. News, over sixty percent of Americans believe the government is corrupt. This number has increased over two years from fifty-four percent. Not only that, other studies have shown that over the past twelve months more than seven percent of people have paid bribes for public sector services.

Why has corruption soared over the past few years allowing for many unjust tax credits and deductions? How has the government allowed many large corporations and billionaires to store away millions, even billions of dollars legally while others can barely put away a few hundred dollars in a monthly savings account? The simple fact is that the system is immoral. The system should and needs to change.


Tax Rascal has continued to support change and freedom. In fact, we believe that every citizen can make a difference through a political process known as voting. Through this method of self-advocacy, patriots all over the nation have an opportunity to fight for free and fair political representation.


This November, polls all across America will open for registered citizens to raise their voices and fight against corruption.  Don’t allow this injustice to continue- take a stand. Go out and vote this election season.

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