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Union Shakes Down Tax Payers

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Union Shakes Down Tax Payers

Across the nation local governments are having to cut back due to the constraints of economic reality.  Yet as everyone is asked to sacrifice, some unions simply refuse to do so.  There are those who believe they are owed not just guaranteed salary increases and cadillac health benefits but much, much more.

Do you need a nose job?  Maybe some liposuction?  Or do you need some hair removed from your upper lip?

If you do, make sure you become a teacher in Buffalo, NY!

Teachers in Buffalo have what may be the most incredible, and most egregious “health care” benefits of all: free plastic surgery.

And when I say free, I mean it.  The 3,400 teachers in Buffalo who are eligible for free plastic surgery are billed literally nothing for any plastic surgery, and worse yet, they have no deductible.

Last year, the Buffalo school district spent $5.9 million on this “cosmetic rider”.  If that isn’t bad enough, the school board president predicts the district will have a $42 million deficit in next year’s budget.

The union claims they are willing to give up their free plastic surgery, and are just waiting for the school district to sign a contract with them, but if the union really cares about the system as a whole- the $42 million deficit, the kids, their actual jobs- maybe it is time to get rid of the “cosmetic rider” all on their own, simply by having union members agree not to use it.  There is no reason the union and the school system need to have a contract in order for teachers to voluntarily save tax payers money.


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