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The 2012 elections will be all about taxes like them or not.

Tax mavens looking forward to next year’s general election are feverishly sharpening their knives. Because, make no mistake about it, taxes will figure grandly at the coming feast. The recent, Kick the can debt ceiling agreement has made this unavoidable. By their intransigence on precisely the issue of taxation, the members of the Tea Party have contrived to make taxes and spending the main item on the electoral menu.

And it is not solely the matter of whether to tax or not to tax, but whom to tax, how to tax, and at what rate. The 2012 elections, with 33 senate seats at play, 11 gubernatorial races on the docket and a humdinger of a presidential election, will be about taxes, taxes, taxes and, by extension, the size and purpose of the government spending they make possible.

It will be so not least because the polarizing, so-called wedge issues that have had an immoderate impact on previous elections, namely war, abortion, or gay marriage, which seven states have now made legal, show signs of being less of a flashpoint, at least in the larger population, this time around.

Besides, much comedic chaos is assured as we look to the assorted clowns, policy acrobats, back flippers, flip floppers, outright buffoons, moral contortionists, happy crooks, raving hypocrites, compulsive hoop jumpers, ethical illusionists, headless girls, fact jugglers, tightrope walkers, clueless unicyclists and cantankerous animals to find out who’ll first blow the big top.

The only circus acts we’re sure to miss will be the hat and cigar manipulator, what with Bill Jefferson Clinton not in the race, and the bouffant topped impersonator, the Donald having gallantly fired himself from the running.

Already a swelling score of the Right minded have gathered to duke it out with our resident Kenyan Barack “Huge Disappointment “Obama. The assembled GOP throng looks likely to include, among the Republican vanguard, Rick “Wile E. Coyote” Perry, he of the Reaganesque coiffure, soon to join Michelle “Migraine” Bachmann and Mitt “The Blur” Romney, along with Tim “Too Vanilla” Pawlenty, Newt “The Marriage Muddler” Gingrich, Rick “A Napkin is not a Paper Towel” Santorum, and others we unfairly omit.

All this as the economy outside the tented arena looks ready to get double dipped like a half eaten nacho chip, the housing crisis remains unsolved, the deficit daily increases, and the dream of full employment ever recedes like Valhalla in the fog. You can bet it’ll be about taxes!


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