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Sarah Palin’s Wasilla job opportunities and openings on Craigslist

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Here are some of the jobs that are featured on Craigslist as of today for Wasilla. I want to make her return to Wasilla as easy as possible, so I have gone ahead and taken a look at what jobs she could apply to and given her sample responses to each post.


1.) Wanted – Customer Service Specialist (see original)

Looking for a highly motivated (YES!) Customer Care Specialist for an established Modeling Agency. This position will be responsible for all Customer Service needs that are required from all of our clients. This job is also the main connection between the client and the customer. We need someone who can work diligently under little supervision Read more...

Race Car Champs, Prostitutes, Biden, Palin, and Other Tax Miscreants

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Today’s taxosphere is still busy digesting the new bailout, but there’s plenty of other business to discuss. A pair of high-profile tax evasion cases have gotten some attention, the credit crisis is considered in more detail, and the Biden/Palin vice-presidential debate features some gaffes on both sides.



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