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Major stories you didn’t hear about yesterday: Hurricane in Canada, Ron Paul tells it how it is, people in South can’t get gas!

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Major stories you didn’t hear about yesterday: Hurricane in Canada, Ron Paul tells it how it is, people in South can’t get gas!

While yesterday, most people were (rightfully) concerned about the 777-point Dow crash, many stories were largely ignored, or at least, barely mentioned. Here is a list of those stories that you probably missed yesterday (in no particular order):

1. Canada Gets Hit by a Hurricane

Hurricane Kyle went through parts of Maine and hit Canada, bringing heavy rain and wind.

2. Ron Paul says it how it is: corporatism – not free markets led to crash

3. For the past 2 weeks, people in Tenesse, George, & North Carolina have limited access to gas

People in these states are getting ever more aggravated as they are being forced to wait in long lines to gas up their vehicules. This may encourage more to use alternative transportation on the other hand…only if there were more of it available.

4. Bob Herbert comes down on Palin

In an editorial on Monday, Herbert says, “History has shown again and again that a vice president must be ready to assume command of the ship of state on a moment’s notice. But Ms. Palin has given no indication yet that she is capable of handling the monumental responsibilities of the presidency if she were called upon to do so.”

5. Olmert says Israel should pull out of West Bank

This is huge! Ehud Olmert goes and has an interview published on Monday, saying that Isreal must withdraw from the West Bank & East Jerusalem. He is going against the Israeli defense doctrine…

6. Two guys in Hawaii try (unsuccessfully) to sue to halt the Big Hadron Collider

Last spring, Walter Wagner, a retired radiation safety officer who lives in Hawaii, and Luis Sancho, a science writer and professor in Barcelona, filed the lawsuit, claiming that the collider could produce a black hole that could eat the Earth or cause some other calamitous effect. Predictions of such outcomes have been refuted in safety studies.

7. Over 90% of nursing homes in America are in some violation of federal health and safety standards

Better think twice before sending granny off to retirement!

8. Oreos, M&Ms and Snickers may be poisenous due to bad milk

Indonesia recalls various products due to traces of melamine in Chinese-made chocolate treats.

9. The teacher who took her 13-year-old lover with her to Mexico gets 6 years

This is before charges of kidnapping and firt-degree sexual assault come down.

10. Janet Jackson hospitalized



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