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“Obamacare” Reform Sparks Online Revolt

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“Obamacare” Reform Sparks Online Revolt

Remember when you didn’t know a new political scheme was unpopular until someone published a letter to the editor? Or until you stumbled on a blog? Now, thanks to Twitter, you can get opinions on Obamacare faster than ever!

Here’s a sampling of what people are saying about this tax issue:

Obamacare: all in favor say…

@Acaseofzombism : #obamacarefacts Under ObamaCare garfield will no longer hate mondays

@CyberWasteland : Under ObamaCare E.T. would’ve died. #obamacarefacts

@southworth : Under ObamaCare, Obama will bring about the Biblical Apocalypse, and it will be labeled a pre-existing condition. #obamacarefacts

@jephjacques Under ObamaCare, the CIA will replace the prozac in your tap water with its generic #obamacarefacts

Obamacare: opponents say…

@Mike_McC : Under ObamaCare, dolphin therapy is replaced with rabid wolverine therapy. #obamacarefacts

@NatalieAntonia : Under ObamaCare, we’re all going to need the damn insurance because we’ll be worried SICK trying to pay for it, and need constant care!!

@EastCoastSteff : Under ObamaCare, bloodmobiles will be replaced with government-subsidized Chevy Volts (which actually run on blood) #obamacarefacts

@Beppy: Under ObamaCare, you get Dr. House but he doesn’t get his vicodin #obamacarefacts

@jephjacques: Under ObamaCare activites that damage your health will also be socialized. Other people will drink all your beers. #obamacarefacts

So that’s that. Everyone’s busy trying to outdo the other side, which is good news for anyone who is worried about this kind of program: exaggerate enough, and you might get close to what’s eventually going to happen!


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