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Who is the Tax Rascal?

The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.
— Will Rogers

Following in the footsteps of George Macalister, Grant McBundy and Byrne Hobart, we are pleased to welcome the newest Tax Rascal to our team-

Chadwick Ciocci

Read Chadwick’s articles here. and the Tax Rascal are happy to welcome our newest contributor, Chadwick Ciocci.  Chadwick hales from Connecticut and is a libertarian / conservative / Republican (“A what?”- the Couch) writer, elected official and much more.  He joins us following a run for the CT State Senate where he campaigned on a platform of repealing Governor Malloy’s retroactive tax increases, balancing the state’s budget through reducing spending and ultimately creating jobs by fostering an environment friendly to businesses.

As a proponent of free markets, limited government, Austrian economics and reasonable rates of taxation, Chadwick is happy to have the opportunity to expose waste and mismanagement of tax payer dollars at all levels of government.

Whether it be retro-active income tax increases in Connecticut, union abuse of free plastic surgery in Buffalo (“Can I get some?”- the Couch) or the first surtax to be applied to capital gains and dividend income as the result of ObamaCare, Chadwick will be your source for exposing all of the government abuse American taxpayers suffer (and sometimes don’t even know about).

But the reality of the situation is, until government changes, all of us must deal with the ramifications of an overly complex and burdensome tax system.  So Chadwick will offer helpful advice, resources and important information that will help each and every tax payer navigate the minefield of taxes with a little more ease.

As government makes your life more complicated and stressful, take solace in knowing there’s at least one person on your side!

If there’s anything you want to know more about, there’s something you want the Tax Rascal to cover or you have a hot tip about government mismanagement of our tax dollars, be sure to get in touch with us!  And remember, the best place to get your tax questions answered is at

George Macalister

Read George’s articles here.

Speaking for the left side of the aisle, Macalister brings his keen nosed analysis of matters pertaining to tax policy and how it permeates the body politic. George’s dogged curiosity is well known and extends beyond taxation to take in the wide span of global business and the shenanigans of corporate strategy, not forgetting the complexities of fine Speyside malt.

Grant McBundy

Read Grant’s articles here.

Coming from the right is Grant McBundy, a straight shooter hailing from the great American West, who was shocked to discover as a teenager that the paycheck from his first summer job had been mysteriously reduced from an already paltry sum by taxes. Ever since that fateful moment he has devoted himself tirelessly to an investigation of all things taxes, ultimately making his way here to the Tax Rascal. Grant’s conservative counterpoint will cover all things taxes, business, and politics.

Byrne Hobart

Read Byrne’s articles here.
The original Tax Rascal was Byrne Hobart, a finance fanatic who is paying ever-closer attention to the world of taxes. His professional work includes recruiting, web design, and consulting. He lives in New York, where he is working on his undergraduate degree in Math. He is the proud owner of three indistinguishable fish, and rarely, if ever, says no to pie.



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