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A Shearer in Sheep’s Clothing?

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A Shearer in Sheep’s Clothing?

Today’s taxosphere focused on some pretty surprising political developments. After a landslide Presidential victory and a strong showing in Congressional elections, Democrats are considering — cuts on income taxes and corporate taxes. Or are they?

The last one is actually very surprising. I have to wonder: how is it that after two hundred years of coming up with new tax plans, Congress hasn’t exhausted all of the tricks for faking a tax cut. Surely, if they can make corporations report more income and pay less taxes on now, they could have done so years ago and boosted the US’s rankings on economic freedom indices.

It is apparent that they’re cleverer than anyone could have realized. Let’s just hope they stick with finding ways to call something a tax cut even though everyone pays just as much in taxes, rather than finding a new way for people to pay more. I am not optimistic.


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  1. Tax Services Says:

    It will definitely be interesting to see what happens to our taxes–up or down or the same? I’m pretty positive that they will NOT stay the same. This was an interesting article. Thanks!

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