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ObamaCare: A Tax Failure?

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During President Obama’s first term, Obamacare was created. Initially, it was designed as an alternative to what private healthcare companies had to offer. In addition, Obamacare also meant a low cost investment without an increase in taxes.

However, the reality of what Obamacare is much different than the initial plans. Since the fateful day when the “Affordable Healthcare” Act was signed into law a couple of complete disasters occurred.

  1. Insurance premiums skyrocketed dramatically.
  2. Health insurance costs increased  in 41 states.
  3. The Healthcare website did not work properly and brought discontent to many consumers.
  4. Billions of taxpaying dollars went to Obamacare workers refreshing screens all across the country.
  5. The law has forced countless companies to cease expansion, lay off workers and


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